Over the Edge Moncton

July 23, 2015

Be one of 5 Select non-Profits raising $100,000 in one day.

This is a thrilling Fund Raising Event that has helped non profits across North America raise more than $35 Million.

Since 2004

Across North America

Over 400 Events
Over 25,000 Edgers/Participants
Over $35 million Raised
400 million Media Exposures

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Who's it for?

People of all abilities, Celebrities, Political Officials, CEOs, Moms, Dads, Youth, Elderly

Past Participants

Community Wide Events

Community Wide Events (CWE) is a new offering from Over The Edge which incorporates the unique exclusive feel of the wildly successful standard event and incorporates significant cost and time savings for our clients. Multiple Non Profit clients are able to join and recruit as many participants as they like. Upon registering, participants are able to designate which NPO they choose to support and donations received by them will be appropriately distributed to the chosen NPO.

Cost and Time Commitment

OTE requires at least five NPO's to register for a CWE to take place in a given community. The cost to register for the event as an NPO partner is $3,500. Each participant you recruit is required to make an initial donation of $85 once they register with the provided online fundraising platform. A small percentage of funds raised is also retained to help cover credit card processing and event production costs. Once your participant reaches their $1,000 goal, they are able to go over the edge and have a once in a lifetime experience. You are not limited to the number of participants that can go over the edge. There will be no additional costs.

Secure a place for your non profit to participate in an exciting event in your community.

Please provide us with your contact details and an event specialist will contact you.