Now is the time to start thinking about a 2021 event.

It’s summer, and we know you’re busy with the events you’re already working on. But a 10-minute conversation now could set you up for a hugely successful event in 2021 — one that introduces you to brand new donors and sponsors (not to mention the media attention!).

Put a 10-minute call in your calendar now, and we’ll have a no-obligation preliminary chat to see if this event could be a fit for your organization in 2021. Next year’s Board will thank you!

PS. When we say 10-minutes, we mean it, and there’s no obligation to proceed if it isn’t right for you. Our goal is to raise money for passionate NPOs, not push an event if it doesn’t work for us both. 

Pick a time that works for you:

Here’s the agenda for our 10-minute-max call (we’re big on agendas):

  • 1 minute: We’ll tell you what the weather’s currently like outside our office, and ask about yours. 😊
  • 3 minutes: We’ll ask about your mission and current fundraising strategy.
  • 2 minutes: We’ll give an overview of how the event works and why it’s so successful.
  • 3 minutes: We’ll answer any top questions you have about our events.
  • 1 minute: If (and only if) you think the event might be worth exploring in more detail, we’ll book a follow-up call for more information at a time that’s convenient for you.

Have a bit more time and want to go deeper into the details?