That’s right: All first-year event clients are eligible for up to a
200% ROI Guarantee on their 2020 event.

Did you know: Back in 2008, Over The Edge set a goal of helping non-profits around the world raise over $50 Million by 2018. After shattering that goal two years early, we’re now poised to reach our next major milestone…$100 Million raised through OTE events! To celebrate and give our final efforts a bit of a boost, we’re offering something unprecedented in the fundraising world: guaranteed profitable first-year events.

Here's how it works:

As a new client, you run an event with us in 2020. If you follow all our best practices and your event does not bring in revenue that is at least two times greater than your event contract fees (as a combination of sponsorship and fundraising), we’ll give you the difference. It’s that simple.

How can we do this? 

We are experts in executing profitable events, from the first days of planning right up until event day. We know that when our clients follow the best practices we’ve established over the past 10 years and 1000+ events, they succeed, and that success means significant funds brought back to their organization (on average, our events raise over $100,000 each!). Plus, our expert Client Experience Managers coach you every step of the way

Let’s be clear though: achieving your fundraising goals will take work, and we can’t do it for you. To be eligible for our ROI Guarantee, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’re adhering to our best practices. 

Follow all our best practices, and you’ll have an event that at least doubles your contract value—guaranteed.

PS. We say "at least," because most of our clients actually earn far more than this every year they work with us. Check out our Testimonials page to learn more about our clients' continued success.

Photo: Big Brothers Big Sisters in Nashville raising over $128k in their first OTE event in 2016.

OTE partners with NPOs across North America. Check out the Upcoming Events page for details.

The success of our 1000+ events over the past 10 years gives us great confidence in the impact we can make when we partner with passionate organizations. Our partners generate significant returns on their events with Over The Edge –
and now, we guarantee it.

Now is the time to start thinking about a 2020 event.

It’s spring, and we know you’re busy with the events you’re already working on. But a brief 10-minute conversation now could set you up for a hugely successful event in 2020 — one that guarantees profits and introduces you to brand new donors and sponsors (not to mention the media attention!).

Put a 10-minute call in your calendar now, and we’ll have a no-obligation preliminary chat to see if this event could be a fit for your organization in 2020. Next year’s Board will thank you!

Here’s the agenda for our 10-minute-max call (we're big on agendas):

  • 1 minute: We’ll tell you what the weather’s currently like outside our office, and ask about yours. 😊
  • 3 minutes: We’ll ask about your mission and current fundraising strategy.
  • 2 minutes: We’ll give an overview of how the event works and why it’s so successful.
  • 3 minutes: We’ll answer any top questions you have about our events.
  • 1 minute: If (and only if) you think the event might be worth exploring in more detail, we’ll book a follow-up call for more information at a time that’s convenient for you.
Schedule your 10-minute intro call
  • "As an organization that had never had a fundraiser before, we needed someone that could help guide us through the process. The staff and management of OTE are experts and have given us the tools to facilitate a successful event we’ll be involved in for a long term."

    - Lee A. Jeter Sr., The Fuller Center for Housing of Northwest Louisiana

  • "The fundraising of $271K and the media attention that we received was pretty much beyond my wildest dreams. Everything we’ve heard from our rappellers was that [the OTE team] were rock solid, reassuring and professional, and the general feeling was that we were all in VERY good hands."

    - Vanessa Baker, Development Director, Outward Bound California

    Outward Bound California
  • "Over The Edge offered our organization the opportunity to introduce an entirely new fundraiser to our area. We were able to use this unique platform to talk with new companies, raise awareness in our community and establish a new base from which to raise financial and volunteer support for our work."

    - Tom Lay, Executive Director, Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity

    Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity