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Until June 30, all first-year event clients are eligible for up to a
200% ROI Guarantee.

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Did you know: Back in 2008, Over The Edge set a goal of helping non-profits around the world raise over $50 Million by 2018. After shattering that goal two years early, we’re now poised to reach our next major milestone…$100 Million raised through OTE events! To celebrate and give our final efforts a bit of a boost, we’re offering something unprecedented in the fundraising world: guaranteed profitable first-year events.

Here’s how it works:

  • Express your interest by June 30.

    Have a chat with our team to see if the event is a fit for your organization. You can book a time that works for you right here.

  • Sign your event contract within 30 days expressing interest.

    Use these 30 days to learn more about the impact an OTE event will have for your mission, all the ways we’ll support you, and if needed, confirm your board’s approval.

  • Follow our best practices as you plan your event.

    See the details below.

If you follow all our best practices and recommendations and your event does not bring in revenue that is two times greater than your contract fees (as a combination of sponsorship and fundraising), we’ll give you the difference. It’s that simple.

Over 75% of our available licenses in the US are already sold out,
and with this offer, the rest won’t last long.

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“The success of our 900+ events over the past 10 years gives us great confidence in the impact we can make in our communities when we partner with passionate organizations. We’ve known for years that our partners generate significant returns on their events with Over The Edge –
and now, we guarantee it.” Mike Magee, President

How can we do this?  

We are experts in executing profitable events, from the first days of planning right up until event day. We know that when our clients follow the best practices we’ve established over the past 10 years and 900+ events, they succeed, and that success means significant funds brought back to their organization (on average, our events raise over $100,000 each!). Plus, our expert Client Experience Managers coach you every step of the way

Let’s be clear though: achieving your fundraising goals will take work, and we can’t do it for you. To be eligible for our ROI Guarantee, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’re adhering to our best practices

Here’s what you’ll need to do to start:

100% ROI


Fully adhere to these five best practices, and we guarantee that your event will break even (i.e., if your total sponsorship and funds raised is less than your total fees paid to OTE, we’ll reduce your fees to match them). 

  1. Build and follow an OTE-approved Strategic Plan.
  2. Engage a passionate internal committee to tackle your goals together. 
  3. Launch your event’s peer-to-peer fundraising website at least 160 days before your event.
  4. Use a multi-level marketing plan to get the word out about your event.
  5. Attend our five key webinars to help you keep your momentum growing.

Want to know more? Click here to read all the details.

Now let’s kick things up a notch:

200% ROI


Additionally follow any or all of these five bonus recommendations, and we’ll guarantee a return on your investment up to 200%:  

  1. +20%: Use FundRazr as your event’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform. 
  2. +20%: Use the Fotaflo advocate marketing system at your event (with either the Fotaflo Essentials or Fotaflo Plus package). 
  3. +20%: Use OTE’s preferred choice of building to host your event. 
  4. +20%: Follow OTE’s preferred payment schedule. (Provide post-dated checks for all event fees according to the fee schedule in your contract.) 
  5. +20%: Provide accommodation support for our technical team for the event. 

Click here to read the details of these bonus recommendations. 

Follow these best practices and bonus recommendations, and you’ll have an event that doubles
your contract value—guaranteed.

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Not sure yet? Here’s what some of our clients have to say about Over The Edge: 

  • “The fundraising of $271K and the media attention that we received was pretty much beyond my wildest dreams. Everything we’ve heard from our rappellers was that [the OTE team] were rock solid, reassuring and professional, and the general feeling was that we were all in VERY good hands.”

    – Vanessa Baker, Development Director, Outward Bound California

  • “Over The Edge offered our organization the opportunity to introduce an entirely new fundraiser to our area. We were able to use this unique platform to talk with new companies, raise awareness in our community and establish a new base from which to raise financial and volunteer support for our work.”

    – Tom Lay, Executive Director, Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity

  • “As an organization that has never had a fundraiser before, we needed someone that could help guide us through the process. The staff and management of OTE are experts and have given us the tools to facilitate a successful event we’ll be involved in for a long term.”

    – Lee A. Jeter Sr., The Fuller Center for Housing of Northwest Louisiana

Our “Dream Big” bonus offer:

We have always been big dreamers, and over the past ten years our clients have helped show us what can really be accomplished when we work together. Our dream for 2020 is to hit a new milestone… hosting an event in ALL Signature US markets. We know we can make it happen, and we want you to be a part of it!

The first 25 clients to sign a contract as part of our ROI Guarantee incentive will be entered into a draw, and one lucky organization will win eligibility for a 300% ROI Guarantee. Follow all our best practices and bonus recommendations outlined above, and the winner will be guaranteed that their event brings in 300% their contract value.

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