Local Event Staff FAQs

About the Local Event Team

What distance do you expect we will typically travel for event that we work?

Our goal is to schedule our local staff at event that are truly local to them — that typically means within a 1-2h max driving window, so that you can comfortably get to and from the event without needing accommodations. If we ask you to travel further (or you request to), we’ll discuss additional covered expenses on a per-event basis.

Will we have the opportunity to work events outside our local area?

Yes. Based on our team’s availability and the event schedule, we sometimes need people to work events that aren’t exactly “local” to them. If you’re interested in picking up additional events that require travel, let us know. Some additional expenses for events like this can be covered by OTE with pre-approval.

Can I also work another job outside of this role?

Absolutely. This is occasional work, and most of our local staff have a “day job” that they work as well. As long as your other work doesn’t conflict with the non-compete you sign to join our team, we encourage this. Think of your work with OTE as a “side hustle,” as the kids say.

What is the earliest event we would expect to work?

We’re hiring now for events in 2019. We have events all year round (weather dependent), but our busiest seasons are May/June, and August to October.

Can event volunteers be high school students looking to fill community service hours?

We have two types of volunteers: Event Volunteers, who help organize the little details on the day and manage the flow of the event; and Ropes Volunteers, who assist the Technical team with the ropes. Anyone can help as an Event Volunteer, but Ropes Volunteers must be 18 years or older (or 16+ with the signature of a parent/guardian on your waiver).

Could one person work both of these roles at the same event?

No; both require your full attention to be on a different aspect of the event, and one person would not be able to do them both. However, you could potentially work one role at one event, and the other role at another event if you successfully apply and are offered the job for both. (If you’re interest in this, let us know and we can discuss it it).

Is there opportunity for growth in the company?

Absolutely. There is opportunity for Local Event Staff to grow into other roles in Client Experience, Technical, and Business Development. We are a fully decentralized company with staff right across the country. There are also short-term opportunities to earn more through sales referrals for any of our products.

Are there opportunities for earning commission for helping to sell events/other products?
Yes, but this is completely optional and you are not expected to help with sales unless you’re interested in it. See this link for more details.

If we’re offered a contract, how long is it for?

The contract would be for the 2019 season, with an option to renew for the following year.

Does receiving a contract guarantee me event work?

No; even with a contract, event assignments depend on scheduling, and sales in your local area. However, we are hiring specifically in areas where we expect to have events in 2019, and the expectation is that you would have at least one event to work this year.

What does the job pay?

Pay is $1600 per event for Local Event Coordinators, and $500 per event for Local Volunteer Coordinators, plus pre-approved expenses.

On what days of the week do events typically take place?

Community Wide Celebration events most frequently happen on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays. We actually aim to schedule them on weekdays, because we tend to see a higher turnout of corporate participants, who often make up a good portion of the event.

Do you have a date already for the event(s) in my region?

In most cases we do, but we’ll look more specifically at scheduling with the successful applicants at the time we offer the contract.

About the training & interview weekend

When and where will the training weekend be held?

Exact details will be confirmed by the end of October, but we’ll be meeting in New Orleans over December 7-8, 2018.

What will the accommodations be for the December training weekend be?

The specific hotel is TBA, but we book two people (same gender) to a room. If you would like to pay the difference to have a private room, that’s no problem — just let us know when we’re confirming travel.

Are meals included?

Yes. We’ll cover meals from the time you arrive at the training, until you leave for your flight home. Food for while you are travelling would be at your own expense.

Does Over The Edge cover travel expenses to get us to the training and interview weekend?

Yes. Flights (or $0.35/m mileage if you’re close enough to drive), shared hotel room, and food are all on us.

If I’m invited to the training and interview weekend, does that mean I have the job?

Not yet. But it means we think you could be a great addition to the team, and we’d love to get to know you. We’ll follow up to make contract offers for selected applicants (for both positions) after the weekend.

If we’re selected for the training and interview weekend, and confirm but then have to cancel, are we charged a fee?

We don’t take a deposit, but we do ask that you confirm your participation and not commit to it unless you know you can attend. If an emergency situation requires you to not attend on short notice, we’ll understand, but we ask you to give us as much notice as possible so that we can avoid cancellation expenses.

Local Event Coordinator-specific questions

Is the admin part of the work flexible, or are there requirements for when you do the work?

It’s very flexible. The only thing that needs to be scheduled carefully are the calls with clients and building contacts, which typically need to happen during standard business hours. All of the other admin work leading up to the event can be done on your own schedule.

How many Event Volunteers do we typically have to help at the event?

It varies, but we typically have between 10-20 people helping out. These volunteers are recruited by the client.

Do participants turn in money on the day of the event, or fundraise in advance?

All participants for our Community Wide Celebration events raise their money to participate online with our fundraising platform partner, FundRazr.  The client helps the participants with their online fundraising efforts for several months leading up to the event. You can see some of the campaigns yourself by going to https://give.overtheedge.events. We do occasionally have people show up on the day of with a cheque asking to participate, but any money would be handled by the client, not the Local Event Coordinator.

Would I ever have to drive to outside vendors to get things for events?

Typically, no. But you might occasionally need to pick up some additional minor supplies locally, if you notice you’re running low (for example, name tags, pens, etc.). This is pretty rare though, and expenses like this would be reimbursed.

Do we need to phone each participant to schedule their rappel, or is this automated somehow?

We generally only phone participants if we can’t reach them by email for scheduling. We use templated messages to help make this process easy, and will provide you with all of this content. In some cases there may be some special-needs rappelers who require a phone call to help organize their rappel.

Is there any specific software needed to work in this role?

No. We would set you up with an Over The Edge email, and access to our online file storage system to access any materials you need. We also have a detailed manual/guide that helps you prepare step-by-step for the event, with templated messages that you can copy/paste to send to participants.

Local Volunteer Coordinator-specific questions

How many Ropes Volunteers do we need to recruit for each event?

It’s always best to over recruit just in case, but you’ll need to have at least 6 Ropes Volunteers to work the entire event day.

Does the LVC work with the LEC, or more with the Tech Team (under the Site Safety Supervisor)?

LVCs report to the Site Safety Supervisor (SSS), and essentially become part of the Technical Team during the event.

General questions about Over The Edge

How many people typically participate in these events?

We generally see 30-70 people at our Community Wide Celebration events, which is the type of event you’ll be working. At our bigger city “Signature” event, participants are often in the hundreds.