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What is Over The Edge?

We are a special events company that raise millions for not for profit organizations by hosting thrilling, safe, exclusive urban rappelling fundraising events.

Why choose Over The Edge?

1) FUNRAISE $130,000+

An Over The Edge event raises significant revenue while engaging your donors in a thrilling, safe experience that they will share repeatedly with friends, family, and colleagues. Our clients raised an average of $130,000+ over the past year during the Covid 19 global pandemic.


The media exposure will put you on the front page and on the evening news while your social media threads go viral. Early estimates indicate over $230,000 in media value is common when you host this urban rappelling experience.


Over The Edge is different. We have chosen to offer this unique fundraising experience to a select few partners. We offer exclusive or limited licensing in all markets and of course you, our valued partner, have first right of refusal once you secure this coveted license.