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Our non-profit clients seek building partners that are philanthropic, innovative, community-minded and looking to set themselves apart from other owners and leasing agents in their community.

Since its inception, Over The Edge events have helped our non-profit partners raise over $60 million in North America, Great Britain, the Caribbean and Ireland – and we couldn’t have done it without our generous building partners.

By hosting an Over The Edge event, you are providing the means for organizations in your community to raise funds for their worthy causes. The average OTE event raises $117,000 and some have raised as much as $1 million in a single event.

Over The Edge events also bring tremendous positive press and media attention to the event and the hosting partner.

If you’re considering becoming a host, and supporting charities and important causes:



1.   Give back to your community!

You’ll be supporting a lot of great charities and non-profits who are trying to make the world a better place.

2.   Free PR and exposure!

Over The Edge events capture the attention of local -and sometimes even national- media and press. This earned media has resulted in our clients getting over 380 million exposures in 2016 alone! That’s an average of $230,000 in free PR!

3.   The opportunity to rappel down your building!

Not everyone can say they have rappelled down their very own building.

4.   Bring excitement to your employees, guests and tenants!

An Over The Edge event certainly changes up the day to day and brings excitement while supporting a great cause.

5.   Financial payoff!

Our hotel partners often receive additional room night bookings and food and beverage sales due to the Over The Edge event.

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Paul C. Pebley
Paul C. PebleyDirector, Sales & Marketing, JW Marriott Marquis Miami, Hotel Beaux Arts
"Working with Over The Edge for the Miami Children’s Initiative is a delight for the JW Marriott Marquis Miami. From the pre-event planning to the day of the event, OTE was considerate of our hotel, guests and events. We look forward to working with OTE again next year"
Sheryl Scali
Sheryl ScaliSr. Property Manager, 200 Market Buidling, Cushman & Wakefield
"Excellent event for community exposure and OTE handled everything. It was obvious that OTE has held many events as you were very thorough in everything from your documentation to the site visits. The staff was very professional and I felt no concerns as we got nearer the event."
Phillip Stamm
Phillip StammGeneral Manager, Hyatt Regency Boston
"The impact that this event generates on the community, and on our relationships within the community, is priceless. We look forward to continuing to support this event in Boston, and we highly encourage other properties around the country and the world to consider hosting this unique and community oriented event."
Kate Culver
Kate CulverDeveloper, Viewpoint Condominiums, Atlanta
"We were incredibly pleased with how smoothly Rappel for Roll Call went and how professionally it was handled by Over The Edge. The publicity generated by this one-of-a-kind event has been spectacular for our new high-rise building."



1.  How do you determine if our building is safe to use?

There are three safety checks before event day to determine if your building is a safe option for an Over The Edge event. Firstly, we vet the building with satellite photos. Secondly, we review more detailed photos to create a comprehensive Site Inspection Safety Plan. Thirdly, a member of our technical team will do a physical site visit to confirm your property can safely host an Over The Edge event.

2.  What is the impact on our current tenants and guests having so many people at this event?

An average event sees between 64 and 92 people. This is spread out over 8 hours, which means only 8-12 people are arriving every sixty minutes. So the impact is minimal.

While we do make our best effort to use areas out of the way from existing tenants, many are usually curious and excited to take a peek at what is going on.

3.  Do I need to take out any extra insurance to be a building host?

There should be no reason to take out additional insurance as we carry 10 million dollars in insurance for this event. Our insurance is primary and non-contributory, and you will be named as additionally insured on our certificate.

4.  Is this safe?

The short answer is YES! All of our events are set up as an industrial worksite, and all of our technicians are SPRAT or IRATA certified. Over The Edge has hosted over 600 events, with over 45,000 participants safely going ‘Over The Edge’. Safety is our #1 priority, and we are proud of our impeccable safety record.

5.  What is expected of us, as a building host?

Over The Edge will take care of the event execution on event day, and the non-profit partner will be marketing the event to the community and all non-rappelling related activities on event day. As a building host, we ask that you accept shipment of the Over The Edge gear, provide an area for Edger’s to register and don their gear, along with providing five, six-foot tables and attend a safety meeting on event day.