Sample Interview Questions

These carefully crafted questions will provide you with guidance with your Over The Edge Interview or testimonial. They will help ensure that you cover all the essential aspects of your Over The Edge experience.

  1. What would you tell a non-profit that may be considering an Over The Edge event? 
  1. How did the Over The Edge team support your organization in the process? 
  1. How did you secure your building?   
  1. How did the building connections support the event? 
  1. What do you love most about Over The Edge (event and/or company)? 
  1. What recruitment strategies, aside from personal asks, worked best for you? 
  1. What were your top tips to recruit sponsors? 
  1. What are the top 3 things you credit with the success of your event? 
  1. What Golden nuggets did you learn from your experience hosting an OTE event?   
  1. What advice would you pass on to other clients?  

Thank you for sharing your remarkable journey with us.