Over The Edge is Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary!

For two decades, we have supported non-profit organizations in running unique, profitable and exciting urban rappelling fundraising events.

Since 2004, we have helped non-profits around the world raise nearly $150 Million.

Our 20th anniversary isn't just a celebration of our past achievements; it's a launchpad for our future endeavors. We’re excited to elevate our mission and bring the adventure to even more people across North America. Over The Edge will expand our reach, introducing more individuals to the unique blend of adrenaline and altruism that defines our events.

Stay tuned for all of the ways we will be celebrating!

What is Over The Edge?

A bold event with significant fundraising power, media exposure, and no local competition.

Our signature urban rappelling event provides a life-changing experience to participants, while making a huge positive impact for the host non-profit. NPOs of all missions and sizes can host successful fundraising events with us. Teams small and large, CEOs, moms & dads, young & old, and individuals of all ability levels can be a part of your next big fundraising adventure!


If you're tired of the traditional fundraisers like runs, walks, galas, and golf tournaments, set yourself apart with something amazing! Over The Edge creates an incredible appeal to the general public, as 58% of event donors are new


Our Client Experience Managers work with you from day one to make sure the event is your best and most successful! We understand what it takes to attract participants, and we make it easy for you to give them the tools needed to raise funds. 


With our comprehensive event insurance, excellent safety record, support finding the right venue, and professional technical staff on hand for all-day event leadership, we make sure that all the pieces add up to a massive success for your organization.

Check out our Urban Rappelling Fundraising Events in more detail.

Let's go!

We partner with passionate organizations of all sizes and missions.



Thank you to all our non-profit & building partners for hosting over 1,400 Over The Edge events; to our over 110,000 event participants who raised funds for their favourite causes; and to our dedicated staff who make it all happen!

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