Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

The next generation of Over The Edge fundraising

Over the last 10 years Over The Edge has run more than 900 fundraising events worldwide—in that time we’ve seen so many amazing events and have learned a lot about the event planning challenges that most non-profits face. 

When planning a fundraising event, choosing a reliable peer-to-peer fundraising platform can be a confusing, time-consuming process. There are hundreds to choose from and they all seem to promise the same features. After seeing many of our non-profit partners struggle with this decision, we wanted to make it easier - so we've done the research for you!

Our Partner: FundRazr

We set out to find a peer-to-peer platform that was secure, quick, easy to set up, and optimized for social sharing. After testing several platforms, we bring you a peer-to-peer solution specifically tailored to your Over The Edge event: FundRazr.

FundRazr is an award-winning online fundraising platform that has helped thousands of people and organizations raise money for causes they care about. We have partnered with FundRazr to provide you with a powerful peer-to-peer fundraising tool that is geared toward your Over The Edge goals.

  • From an Over The Edge client:

    I know that most of those people won't ever know all of the behind-the-scenes work [FundRazr] did...but I will never forget it. You went above and beyond in so many ways. You calmed me down, you addressed Edgers' requests so quickly and in ways everyone could understand, you were patient and cheerful and quick and efficient.

    I have lots of thank you notes to write to so many people for making this first event the tremendous success that it was...but I wanted to make sure that you were my first one. I know that you are a big part of that success... and I know I'd never have been able to do what I had to do without you. [...] Thank you for everything. You are indeed a rock star.

    Viki Stumbers, InterFaith Human Services, State College PA

  • FundRazr gets strong marks from reviewers for their social media integration tools, the wide variety of campaigns hosted, and the personal coaching you can get once you’ve kicked off your campaign. Users, on the whole, are far more complimentary of FundRazr than of any other crowdfunder out there. [...] There’s no industry where humanity and compassion takes on greater importance than crowdfunding, and FundRazr has it in spades.

    Jason Vissers,


Security is of the utmost importance when fundraising online. Fundrazr protects your hard-earned funds and your donors' information.

Optimized for Social Sharing

Fundrazr's fully-integrated social sharing features allow your participants to leverage their social networks for donations

Quick and easy

Setting up your peer-to-peer site should be the least of your worries - so we'll do it for you, and let you customize it!

See FundRazr in action on some Over The Edge events!

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