Safety First. Safety Always.

  1. Your safety and the safety of your event is our number one priority at Over The Edge. That’s why we adhere to the most stringent safety protocols for every rappelling event we hold.
  2. All Over The Edge event technical staff are highly trained and certified industrial ropes specialists. Additionally, OTE maintains an External Advisory Committee comprised of industry experts tasked with reviewing all aspects of our technical policies and procedures.
  3. Each event site has a comprehensive Site Inspection & Safety Plan prepared by one of OTE’s senior technical staff, and if every potential risk cannot be mitigated, then the site will simply not be approved by our Director of Technical and Safety.
  4. This event ties into corporate values such as trust and teamwork.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Your safety comes before everything else.

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Safety by the numbers

  • 1500+ Events

  • 500+ Buildings

  • 150,000+ Edgers

  • 20 year safety track record

Certifications and Protocol

  • Over the Edge team’s top priority is participant and facility safety
  • Every Over the Edge site is set up as an industrial work site
  • Adherence to all National and State/Local OSHA laws
  • Adherence to SPRAT governing procedures
  • Compliance with state/local workers’ compensation coverage
  • Comprehensive site safety and building inspection plan
  • $10 million occurrence and aggregate insurance policy
  • Key stakeholders are named as additional insured on insurance certificate
  • Participant waivers
  • Participant training

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Over the Edge has the privilege of receiving guidance from some of the most outstanding resources through our External Technical Advisory Committee. This committee is made up of renowned leaders in the fields of rope access, technical rescue, engineering, life safety equipment and rope manufacturing.

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