Frequently Asked Questions about Adventure Travel

On some trips where we camp, our camps have toilet tents with ‘luxurious’ porta-loos, at other times latrines will be dug out. The toilet system we use does keep the camp area as hygienic and environmentally-friendly as possible. We burn any paper waste before we leave camp, and all holes are filled in. During the day we encourage you to burn or carry out (you may find it useful to carry plastic bags with you) any waste. Please do not leave toilet paper on the trails or behind bushes. Don’t worry, you will be briefed fully on toilet etiquette when you join the trip!

Many places where we camp do not have any facilities, but often there are natural water sources such as streams or lakes. Please wash away from the water source where possible (use buckets), and use biodegradable soaps and shampoos, as chemicals do upset the balance of the water and harm plant and animal life, as well as causing potential harm to any local people.