Fotaflo FAQs

We recommend that your event volunteers take the photos.

Chances are they’re already doing this work, they’re just doing it with your participants’ cameras and you’re not benefiting! Take the participants’ cameras out of your volunteers’ hands and let your customers enjoy their experience without the distraction of taking their own photos!

Over The Edge provides all of the training and resources your volunteers will need to be successful photographers.

Fotaflo support staff are also standing by at all times, waiting to respond to any and all technical inquiries. Fotaflo support can be contacted directly from the Fotaflo app, or at

Fotaflo is designed to work alongside your event photographer.

Participants want to share photos of your event instantly, and while a photographer will get some amazing photos for your marketing materials, you likely won’t receive them until days, even weeks after your event! Fotaflo provides your participants with instant, shareable photos of their experience so they can share them when they are most passionate about your mission — this leads to more social sharing and brand reach from your events!

The Fotaflo app operates on Android and iOS devices

The app automatically optimes the photo size for social sharing and fast uploads/downloads.

We recommend stationing photography volunteers at the most exciting areas of your event. For example, if you have three volunteers taking photos at your golf tournament, we recommend stationing them at the first and last hole, and at a photo-op in front of the clubhouse. If possible, allocate one more volunteer than you have “photo-ops” so volunteers can rotate and take breaks.

You have two options when securing cameras for your event.

  1. Anyone with a smartphone can download the Fotaflo app for free and use their phone as a Fotaflo camera!
  2. You can purchase a variety of recommended cameras and cases directly from Fotaflo (prices vary).