Frequently Asked Questions for Building Hosts

There are three safety checks before event day to determine if your building is a safe option for an Over The Edge event:

  1. We vet the building with satellite photos.
  2. We review more detailed photos to create a comprehensive Site Inspection Safety Plan.
  3. A member of our technical team will do a physical site visit to confirm your property can safely host an event.

The impact on current tenants and guests is minimal. An average event will see between 64 and 92 people on-site over an 8 hour time period. Meaning, only 8-12 people are arriving every sixty minutes.

While we do make our best effort to use areas out of the way from existing tenants, many are usually curious and excited to take a peek at the action!

There should be no reason to take out additional insurance as we carry 10 million dollars in insurance for this event. Our insurance is primary and non-contributory, and you will be named as additionally insured on our certificate.

The short answer is YES—it’s safe because we make it safe. Safety is our #1 priority and we are proud of our impeccable safety record.

All of our events are set up as an industrial worksite, and all of our technicians are SPRAT or IRATA certified. Over The Edge has hosted over 600 events, with over 45,000 participants safely going ‘Over The Edge’.

Over The Edge will take care of the event execution on the actual day. The non-profit partner will be responsible for marketing the event to the community and all non-rappelling related activities on event day. As a building host, we ask that you accept shipment of the Over The Edge gear, and provide an area for Edger’s to register and put on their gear. We also ask that you provide five, six-foot tables and attend a safety meeting on event day.