Frequently Asked Questions for Corporate Events

Over The Edge has hosted over 600 events in all major cities across North America. In 2016 we expanded into the UK and Ireland. OTE has worked with over 260 building partners to host our events including major hotel chains and commercial properties. Let us know where you’d like to host an event and we’ll try our best to make it happen!
YES! Over The Edge has hosted over 600 events, with over 45,000 participants safely going ‘Over The Edge’ with a clean safety record and no injury claims. Our events are set up as industrial worksites, so all safety regulations and cautions that go into that industry apply to our events. All of our technicians are SPRAT or IRATA certified.
We can accommodate as many participants as you need. A typical building can accommodate six people per hour per rope. So for example: if you have a group of 75 participants and only three hours to host an event, we would simply have four ropes. If you wanted this as an all-day event we would have only two ropes. Contact us today to find out how we can work together to accommodate your needs!
Each corporate event is priced individually based on your need. The larger the group, the more cost-effective the event becomes per person.