Frequently Asked Questions for Non-Profits

Here are some of the typical concerns we hear from Boards, and some information to help guide them:

  • "It sounds like a liability."
    Every event we run is covered by our own comprehensive insurance, and built as an industrial work site that meets all industry standards for safety. We've run over 900 events, and both our insurance company and the rope access regulatory bodies (SPRAT and IRATA) love us. We are happy to share our insurance loss run history with you to prove it.
  • "No one will want to do this."
    Our average event raises over $100k with an average of only 65 participants. The majority of participants are first-time rappellers: they’re regular people, young and old, and from all walks of life, who are pushing themselves out of their comfort zone for a cause they care deeply about.
  • "We should just stick with our traditional events."
    NPO's across the country are having to deal with an emerging trend of declining event participant numbers.  Participants are looking for a significant challenge to be part of to share on their social media feeds, and traditional events just don't provide that any more. Over The Edge events do!
  • "This is just for young people."
    One of our oldest rappellers is 91 years young, and if he can do it, so can you!
  • "Raising $100k is great, but will the event be profitable?"
    Our clients' average return on investment is over 300%. And we're so confident that you'll be profitable, we actually now guarantee it. (Seriously.)

Participants register online to fundraise for your organization. They then reach out to their friends, family, etc to obtain peer-to-peer sponsorship of at least $1000. The dollars raised by these individuals from Over The Edge's Signature events go directly to your organization.