What is Over The Edge?

Over The Edge is a special events company that provides signature fundraising events for non-profit organizations. Participants raise donations for a non-profit in exchange for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rappel over the edge of a local high-rise building

Here's how it works:

  1. We partner with a non-profit organization in a given community, along with a building who can host the event in support of a great cause.
  2. Our team provides all of the technical expertise to safely rig the building for rappelling. That includes all the equipment, insurance, and logistics, along with 1:1 support for the non-profit's team to make the event a success.
  3. The NPO recruits participants, who each raise $1000 for the opportunity to rappel.
  4. Add in some passionate volunteers to help things run smoothly on the big day, and you've got a fundraising event like no other!
  • 900+ events

  • 360+ buildings

  • 64,000+ participants

  • $100 Million raised since 2008

But don't take our word for it—our clients say it best!

    “Over The Edge offered our organization the opportunity to introduce an entirely new fundraiser to our area. We were able to use this unique platform to talk with new companies, raise awareness in our community and establish a new base from which to raise financial and volunteer support for our work.”

    Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity

    - Tom Lay, Executive Director, Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity

    “The fundraising of $271K and the media attention that we received was pretty much beyond my wildest dreams. Everything we’ve heard from our rappellers was that [the OTE team] were rock solid, reassuring and professional, and the general feeling was that we were all in VERY good hands.”

    Outward Bound California

    – Vanessa Baker, Development Director, Outward Bound California

    Our Clients

    Over The Edge works with non-profit organizations of all sizes and missions.
    Each of the partners listed here have raised over $1 Million over the life of their single-city event! 

    We've helped raise more than
    $0 MILLION
    for non-profits since 2008

    So where do you come in?

    If you're ready to make a difference in your community by helping to launch a fundraising event like no other, you're in the right place!

    There are three ways to get involved:


    All it takes is an intro! If you know a non-profit who would benefit from this event, help us set up a meeting to get the conversation started.


    Are you an event manager looking for something new to offer your non-profit clients? Become a reseller of OTE events and services. 


    Experienced non-profit sales professionals are always welcome on our team, and there are many opportunities you can be part of.

    • Step 1

      Fill out the application at the bottom of this page so that we can get to know more about you.

    • Step 2

      Connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn to access a special webinar to learn more about our events and your role. (Feeling social? You can connect directly with our founder Paul Griffith too!)

    • Step 3

      Selected applicants will be invited to join our Partner Program, where you can earn commissions and experiences for helping us launch events (plus much more)!

    Here are some of the great opportunities available to our partners:

    1. Earn $350 commission and the opportunity to do a VIP rappel in your community for every event you help us launch. (You connect us to an interested NPO in your community, and we do the rest!)
    2. Earn commissions ($25-100) for connecting us to organizations interested in any of our ancillary services, like Fotaflo, FundRazr, and Discover Adventure.
    3. Get a variety of great swag yourself, just for helping promote our non-profit partner's events on social media. 

    Note: This is not a salaried position.

    It is a casual opportunity to earn extra income through commissions and referrals to Over The Edge, and to get more involved with the non-profits in your community. 


    • NOTE: This application form will ask you to submit A) your resume, and B) a link to a short short video (60 seconds max) introducing yourself and explaining why you want to get involved. We recommend getting these two items ready before beginning your application, but you can also save your work in progress and come back later if you need to. The form itself only takes a few minutes to complete.

    (PS. Know other great people who should apply? Share this with them!)

    And don't forget to connect with us on social media yourself as well!

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